Solar lamp от Foscarini

This season 2012 French designer Jean-Marie Masso (Jean Marie Massaud), author of numerous design projects from the field of extraordinary interior, developed for the company Foscarini new original lamp. It's called the Solar lamp, designed for both indoor and outdoor, and is not only a lighting device but also a decorative element in interior decoration.

A large illuminated hemisphere, which can be considered half of the full moon, or the sun at sunset or sunrise, Solar lamp that's two everyday objects into one. The round part of the hemisphere is made of translucent polyethylene white in color, and acts as a diffuser. Thus far the light is soft, slightly muted, which makes it cozy and warm. A flat top covered with wood or metal, can serve as a table top, turning the lamp into a small coffee table.

As we mentioned, Foscarini is releasing two versions of lamp Solar lamp: for home and for street. Despite the external similarity, these models have significant differences in design. So, flat surface interior decorative lamp, she is the countertop made of wood and slightly concave inside. Version for the streets are covered in a completely smooth top of the metal to make it easier to clean it from dirt, dust and other debris.

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