In Japan have developed anti-radiation suits and underwear

In Japan have developed anti-radiation suits and underwear
Manufacturer swimwear company Yаmamoto Cоrporation in Osaka showed anti-radiation work clothes. Among this protective clothing — swimming suit and underwear.

Seventy nine million one hundred twenty five thousand six hundred seven

Wetsuit made of rubberized material, based on carbon and can almost 100% shielding from beta radiation. As you know, beta particles, once in the body, can change the structure of cells and cause the tumor, radiation sickness and death. Wetsuit developed with consideration of the consequences of accidents at Fukushima for the protection of personnel of nuclear power plants. Despite the weight of three kilograms, the suit can stretch, but it is made so that contaminated water cannot pass through it.
The company is also working on Yamаmoto underwear weighing 3.4 kg on the basis of lead to protect from gamma radiation. The price of the wetsuit is about $1070, and underwear — $825. The goods will go on sale in November.
Thirty seven million five hundred thirty three thousand nine hundred twenty one

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