NASA is going to grow a garden on the moon

In 2015, NASA is thinking to grow on the moon garden of crops. As the first plants space Agency chose the turnip and Basil — it was important to stay on the useful plants which can be suitable as food: NASA's not hiding that the cultivation of the garden is the first step to colonize the moon. However, in addition to the useful vegetables, NASA will launch into space and seeds rezhevichi tal — a small flower, which was long used as a "Guinea pig" during experiments in biology.

The first seeds will be sent in a special container: as experts say, it will be no more cans, in which it will keep a week's supply of air and water. How it will carry out further advances for the plants, not yet reported.

It should be noted that Basil for quite a long time landed on the ISS to show the possibility of plant cultivation in space, and this month the Agency sends to the seeds of lettuce — so the idea of NASA in fact is not so unrealistic.

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