Created a device that will clean the bacteria from smartphones

That on smartphones there are a large number of harmful bacteria, is not news. Even you know that the average owner of the smartphone touches it every 6 minutes — and therefore often in contact with hazardous medium. This question, as disinfection of telephone in all seriousness has been the company PhoneSoap (literally — "soap phone"), which developed an eponymous device for these purposes.

PhoneSoap is a box made of aluminum, which has UV lamp: in the process of "quartz treatment" 99% of viruses and bacteria are killed, the phone does not overheat. In addition, during cleaning, the phone can be charged: PhoneSoap equipped with a MicroUSB cable and a legacy 30-pin Apple connector.

Now the concept of collecting financial assistance on the website Kickstarte:– to start production, the authors need PhoneSoap $18 thousand To date, collected more than $63 thousand: fifteen hundred people who are concerned about the purity of their gadgets. The cost of the device in the pre-order is $39.

Recall that earlier you created the device that removes all bacteria on hands.

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