Student from Kazan invented a safe analogue of polyethylene

The creation of innovative eco-friendly and biodegradable materials based on natural polymers is a global trend. From them it was possible to create things that people use every day. For example, packages. In this case, if the packet enters the environment, it does not cause her harm.

Its contribution to the development of technology has brought student, Kazan KAZAN national research technological University, Ivan Zakharov. He invented a film of corn starch. Creating the product took 4 years. Packages of new material dissolved in water through the day, leaving only nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

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These packages can replace a conventional plastic, which decompose up to 400 years and contaminate the ground. Now Ivan Zakharov is engaged in patenting his discovery. The novelty has already interested in the company, including large waste-processing complexes.

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