Developed budget yourself restoring plastic

In the Illinois Constitution University (USA) on the basis of the widely used components created a new self-healing flexible polymer material, which has high efficiency. In contrast to the huge number of peers, a new material that is developed by a group Jianjun Cheng (Jianjun Cheng), does not require catalysts, operates at a low temperature and, moreover, can be repeatedly samoustraniajutsia.

The core material is polyurea, mass and fairly cheap product, which is used in the production of many plastics.
When cutting, just attach two pieces of plastic to each other and leaving them at room temperature for a day, you will have the connection of the same strength as before. And if you stretch to complete rupture, the boundary of the latter will be in a different location, not at the recovery point. A little heat and a piece of plastic — for example, enclosing the finger, the rate of splicing can be greatly increased. Even a momentary heating of this kind will almost completely restore the cut.

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