Andrew Armour - caster whales

Andrew Armour - submarine operator of the Dominican Republic - is called caster whales. And all because he is friends with one of the largest representatives of the underwater world - whale. 10-year-old male sperm whale named Scar allows Andrew to stroke it, to sail together and even to clean it.

Underwater operator Andrew Armour has become famous as the "Whale Whisperer" after friends with a huge whale, which allows him to swim next to him. (Eric Cheng / Barcroft Media)

These photos, taken off the coast of the Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic at the end of January, can see how much closer to the diver manage scars - 10-year-old male sperm whale. (Eric Cheng / Barcroft Media)

In these photos, there are also other family members traveling with the scar. For example, you see that "communicate the whales." It seems that they met to chat. (Tony Wu / Barcroft Media)


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