Bisons living in the house caster buffalo

In American Air C Bridges (RC Bridges), nicknamed "Buffalo Whisperer» (The Buffalo Whisperer) and his wife Sherron (Sherron) on a farm in Texas as pets live a couple of bison.

One of the bison to call Savage (Wildthing), it weighs about one ton, the second (3-year-old is a female) is called Bullet (Bullet) and it is a bit easier - it has only 408 kg.

The pair are so attached to their pets, that one of the buffalo, 7-year-old Savage even attended as guest of honor at their wedding again, which took place in 2006 (it is after five years of marriage). On the tips of the horns of Savage's wife wearing their wedding rings.

Air Sea Bridges horse trainer and a professional cowboy. Throughout his adult life engaged in cultivation of a man and buffalo on his ranch, he kept a fairly large herd of these animals. But in 2004 a man has deteriorated vision, for this reason he had to sell buffalo and left in her as a pet only young Savage.

Wife Er C Bridges is an admirer of the culture of Native Americans - American Indians and a professional photographer. She makes fun of traditional American Indian headdresses, which are required to create the skins, wool and horns of bulls.


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