Whale Whisperer

Andrew Armour - underwater operator of the Dominican Republic - called caster whales.
And all because he made friends with one of the largest representatives of the underwater world - whale.
10-year-old male sperm whale named Scar allows Andrew to stroke it, go there and even clean it.

These photos, taken off the coast of the Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic in late January, it is clear how much the diver fails to approach the scars - 10-year-old male sperm whale.

Underwater cameraman Andrew Armour has become famous as the "Whale Whisperer" after friends with a huge whale, which allows it to float next to each other.

Tony and Eric spent three days photographing scars and other members of the family under the watchful eye of Andrew.

"When sperm whales communicate, they often converge first heads. Each of them feel physically as if the other. They often rub against each other, which has a practical purpose - as they tear off yourself with loose skin. Where similar groups gathered in the water was full of leather-like black plastic bags ».


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