Transportation of zebras

In Amboseli National Park, Kenya, that, due to a severe drought sharply reduced population of zebras and buffalo.
This led to the fact that driven by hunger predators like lions and tigers, began attacking livestock farmers,
plots of land are located in the neighborhood park. Kenyan authorities have decided -
carry 4,000 zebras and buffalo in 3000 a fleet of reserve Soysambu.

1. Driven by Kenyan security officers wildlife zebra Soysambu of reserve, ready for transport to Amboseli National Park, where their numbers declined sharply because of the drought. Lack of zebras Lions Park Amboseli forced to attack the local livestock on nearby farms. (Tony Karumba / AFP / Getty)

2. The program for moving zebras began in February. Kenyan environmental authority hopes to move 4,000 zebras and buffalo in 3000 Amboseli. (Thomas Mukoya / Reuters)

3. This operation - one of the largest in Africa. (Tony Karumba / AFP / Getty)

4. In one truck can carry up to 20 zebras. (Tony Karumba / AFP / Getty)


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