The best job in the world - Head of entertainment

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Most people have to dig money to then go somewhere and relax. But lucky-Californian Andrew Smith is the opposite - he gets the money for entertainment. He was chosen for the main entertainment in the Australian state of New South Wales - for the six months of the guy will get $ 93 000. His job is to travel the state and every day to do something interesting.

His work Andrew won the competition - the staff wanted to show that is the perfect place to relax youth and sought volunteers. Andrew should show visitors how good rest here: six months, he has to collect at least 802,000 great moments, one for each square kilometer of the state. His average day consists of parachuting, socializing with celebrities, walking in the mountains - in short, everything that you can imagine.


The post of Chief of entertainment Andrew atonement in December last year and now has managed to dial 480 000 highlights. Time for something to just lie on the couch, does not remain - Andrew a very busy schedule: he's going to swim with the dolphins, to attend the premiere of the musical «Strictly Ballroom» - a lot of plans. According to Andrew, a difficult task - the most interesting in South Wales need to see in just six months.


"Workers' Andrew photos show that the work he loves. Young man smiles everywhere and always - when learning to make wine, or when exploring the Blue Mountains. Yes, he was lucky - for certain it's the best job in the world.




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