Black to the bone: an unusual Chinese chickens

The breed is called the silky has a very soft fluffy feathers and the inside is different from other chickens because its skin is bluish-black hue, dark meat, and black bones and internal organs. In the West, Chinese silky chickens are bred often for decorative purposes, but in China and some other Eastern countries their meat is a delicacy and is not available to all.

The breed is found in VII-th century, and it is believed that eating these chickens, which are known in China as GU Chi (translated from Chinese — "chicken with black bones"), then a beneficial effect on human health. For example, Chinese women often eat meat Chinese silky chickens after childbirth to restore energy, moreover, the Chinese claim that the dish of black chicken have a positive effect on the blood, lungs and stomach.

Often, that meat from GU JI fully showed their incredible properties, from it is prepared broth and add ginseng, dried wolf berries and Chinese dates and fry these chickens are rare.

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