Scrambled eggs with spinach will improve Your reaction

Experts have found that an omelet with spinach and soy cheese is not only healthful products, but also wonderful assistants for success in the sport. It turned out, the tyrosine, which in large quantities contained in spinach, soy, eggs, and cheese, will improve reflexes. That is to say that these products would be wonderful for the athletes and the drivers for them, the reaction speed is really important.

Besides, according to scientists, tyrosine get rid of apathy and depression. This conclusion was made by experts of Leiden and Amsterdam universities during their research, which involves observation of the reactions of several volunteers. With the appearance on the monitor screen the green arrows I had to quickly press the corresponding button.

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In this case, before the start of the test volunteers drank the juice with tyrosine. In the second part of the experiment, they drank the juice with a placebo. The first group showed significantly better results.

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