5 things that will crash the human brain

The human brain is able to rebel, for example, if you start to think without this training of the infinite totality or quantum mechanics. As a rule, the gray matter of the brain to cope with the perception of more mundane objects of our daily life. But in this rule there are exceptions.

The sound signals.

Each person has a sound that irritates him. It may be a sound signal of the mobile phone, indicating that the battery is low, or a Wake-up call. Someone's annoying car horn, and someone is signalling. Such signals may well be called the soundtrack of the modern world. This does not negate the fact that such sounds annoy them.

And all because they cause a small "brain glitch". Man tries to recognize similar sounds as the evolution to them we were not taught. Using the energy transfer creates the natural sounds. They occur when one object hits another. Energy is transferred from the object, and then slowly dissipates.

This leads to the fact that the sound gradually ceases. This fading sound of our system of perception of information use in order to understand what is going on. And the modern sounds do not cease, do not change. In this regard, the brain can not recognize what it is and where the sound came from.


Have you noticed that when driving the vehicle the impression that the wheels are spinning in the other direction? This effect occurs in the movie. The camera captures a still image with a certain frequency.

But our brain alone fills the interval between images. This creates the illusion of continuous motion between the similar frames. And in life, "the effect of the wheels" has another theory. The brain perceives motion much like a camera, as a series of static images.


Our world can not be imagined without pictures. However, on a subconscious level the brain is not able to separate them from people or from certain objects that appear in the photo. The research was conducted, which showed the following results: if you tell to throw Darts at the photo of the person or as not connected, the accuracy of the hits recorded are much lower than in the case if you hang a picture, for example, Hitler or the man who tested antipathy.

Was carried out another experiment. His goal was to get people to cut into pieces a picture from childhood. So, a person has excessive sweating. The brain can not distinguish appearance from reality, and all because we have not a million years of life.


Did you the following: go into the room with a purpose, and then can't remember why you came? The reason for such failures lies, ironically, in the doorway. Psychologists of the University of Notre Dame, it was discovered that at the time when the person passes through the doorway, in his mind triggered a mechanism that can be called "border events". This mechanism is able to separate one set of thoughts from another. The human brain automatically sends to the background thoughts that have owned your attention in the previous room, thereby clears the mind for new thoughts and actions. Such a mechanism as "boundary events", makes the memories of the man and his thought, since man is always in motion and busy with new tasks.


Everyone felt this: in my pocket, feel the vibration of the phone, but when you take it in hand, surprised to find that the screen is blank. The brain makes the wrong conclusions, because trying to organize the chaos of your life. The brain performs many functions: it filters the surrounding noise and determines the important signals.

Source: mif-facts.com.ua


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