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It all started with the fact that I was a child my favorite toys were soldiers. I think, like most people of the male population of our country. Then came the computer and the first strategy games.

And I had such a board game "The Commander". Themes - Napoleonic Wars. We have warehouses card, which can buy units and staffs. There are three warring parties - Russian, French, Austrians. All nations are symmetrical, only the names of different groups. In fact, the game is a variation of chess. Each unit was able to walk and beat (is) according to certain rules, for example, the letter "G" or diagonally. It looked like all that stuff like this (picture steal from the Internet, as my copy has not survived).

Picture 2.

Then I grew up, there were other interests. But 4 years ago I was faced with the world of board games, and suddenly it turned out that he was very actively developed. Including the formation of board games on military subjects. In the west it is actively developed for a long time. I plunged into the environment from which I can not really get out to this day.
Today I present to you a series of «World at War», devoted to the third world war. Backgrounds: in 1985, the Soviet Union, together with the countries of the Warsaw Pact invaded Western Europe and all began to turn. Background (ie, scenario games) clearly written on the basis of books like Tom Clancy's creations and spiced cranberry fair share.
Generally in the series, at the moment, 4 and 5 stand alone game add-ons. Independent games can be played independently of other boxes, as they have everything you need to play. Additions also require a certain self-boxes, without which you can not play them because they contain some new elements. I now have one of the stand-alone boxes and a couple of additions to it.
Centered: The Untold Stories - self-box (base).
Left: Paris Burning - assault by Soviet troops in Paris.
Right: Operation Garbo - Soviet invasion of Sweden (!!!) (hz. Why).
Picture 3.

The photo contents of the base of the box with the game rules of the game cards (playing fields, the image is one thing, but in fact their 4 and they can be folded in any configurations, forming different landscapes) chips troops, dice, sheets with background information.
Picture 4.

The playing field is near. Is lined on the hexagons (hexes), which move units. In the presence of woods, fields, hills, rivers, settlements. Each type of terrain, one way or another, affect the course of action. For example, the infantry in the city and the forest is considered to be hidden, and it is possible to shoot only if next to them there is another your squad, they are illuminated by your intelligence units, or they that turn themselves fired on your orders (in this case, it is believed that they opened their positions).
Picture 5.

The main components of the game.
Picture 6.

Chips units. The game is quite a wide variety of military equipment: tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, infantry, aviation, defense, artillery, anti-tank calculations. Most of the troops from different countries are different characteristics (ie. Capacity), and not just the name. A very important element is the command group (HQ).
Picture 7.

At first glance, the chips on the huge amount of information, but in reality it is much easier and all these numbers very quickly remembered. The following is a description of the main characteristics. There are some nuances, but it is written in the book of rules.

Range: Range of fire.

AP Firepower / HE Firepower: Amazing opportunities for armored / unarmored targets - how many dice throws when shooting.

To Hit: Accuracy - from what results counted towards getting (for T-72 to get on an armored target, you need to throw 5 and 6).

Movement: How many points have motion units. Each type of terrain requires spending a certain amount of movement points. Some units can not move themselves and require transportation (beech "T" instead of the value). If the value of the Circle, a division can transport infantry units and support units.

Type: Information not available, in the long run, the value of the game.

Formation: Belonging to the formation. Used to command groups kogdaopredelyaetsya bude whether to operate this unit (whether within the reach of his command group).

Armor Value: Immunity division. How many cubes thrown protection when hit by division.

Save Number: saving throw. What is the result of the dice is considered successful. Each successful saving throw cancels one hit.

Assault Factor: How many cubes thrown into the melee. In the same cell as the unit.

Picture 8.

That's about as how the field during the game. In each box with the game there are a few scenarios. At the base of 14. The scenario describes the forces of the parties, their location, victory conditions, special rules and other information, the duration of the script in the ducts.
Victory conditions are different, for example, 6 strokes to capture a certain area, to break through to the other edge of the map, and so forth.
Special rules may slightly alter the basic rules for modeling a given situation, to determine the time and place of the arrival of reinforcements, etc.
Picture 9.

Closer. Here you can see the command group (HQ). Defense ("Shilka"), which can cover from attacks helicopters (blue attack power). ACS S21 («Carnation»).
Team group, in general, is a very important unit. They can lead to a feeling battered and retreating units and back and fight, they give orders to subordinate units. Formation, which destroyed the command group, this course will work with potentially low efficiency. But with all this, to destroy it is not so easy. Specifically to fire on it is impossible. You can join the melee, or it may fall under the distribution, if the attacked unit, if the command group is it the same cell. Consumed command group returns to the next turn, after the destruction.
Picture 10.

More. BRDM (BRDM) - intelligence unit (the letter «R»). Green parameter «Movement» indicates increased permeability (through the swamps, across the river).
Picture 11.

Add-ons are added to the game new chip units, a couple of new maps, new scenarios. Here troops from the supplement devoted to the invasion of Sweden.
Picture 12.

A pile of chips, reflecting the state of the playing field and the current status of orders. Smokescreens, minefields, fords, and so strengthening.
Picture 13.

As the game can be random events that make an additional share of the chaos on the battlefield. According to the creators in the Soviet Army in 1985, there are still commissioners.
Player of the Warsaw Pact countries must select one broken unit and try to restore it. Add 2 to morality unit. If the roll is successful, the unit is fully restored and strengthens your spirit. If you strengthen the spirit does not work, unit suffers losses (up to destruction) ....
In my opinion, in 1985 it too.
Picture 14.

The game looks like. In a scenario with each party involved, usually for several groups. Each such formation has one or more activation markers. At the beginning of each course, all of these markers are formed in an opaque bag and mixed. Any player draws one marker. The player who owns this formation can activate and like units of this formation. Moreover, the units that are within range of command, are activated automatically. Those who are outside of it, can be activated only after the die roll and a roll on it a certain value. Ie players do not know in advance who will be the next to go. Thus, it turns out that even the same scenario will ever play in different ways, and the player has to move the battle to rebuild part of the plans. Then, a marker formation hike is put aside and runs next, etc. When all markers are extended, the course is completed and a new course.
It's a bit generalized process, it may vary slightly from the other aspects of special rules, etc..
In addition to the above, the game is much more: multiple rocket launchers, chemical weapons, smoke screens and so on. However, not all of it is used in each scenario. As a rule, the complexity of scenarios increases gradually. The first scenario is easier, using the basic rules and one field, the latter - a decent amount of special rules and large fields of 3-4 components.

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As a result, we obtain a great way to spend time with friends who are close to military themes. Rules there are small, in the range of 10 pages, the rest of the script and the author's note. Played most of the scenarios, of course, not 20 minutes, but not all day. You can play teams, for example, each player commands a certain formation. You can for beer (although you can fill them play, and there are all cardboard).

True bought these games mainly in foreign shops. In Russia, too, can be bought, but less than the range of shops, and prices are higher than ~ (40-50%). Shop with war games unit.
And these games are not that cheap.

Basic box Untold Stories ~ $ 45 additions ~ $ 35. In plus to this service. Of course, if you only buy 2-3 games, the cost of such a game is either the same or slightly less than buying them here. But most people come together in large orders and then the price most often paid substantially less.

Another thing is that these games are tightened, you want to buy more and more. As a result, may form a significant hole in the budget =)

Still, it's cool!

That's all.


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