In "Lakhta Center" will be equipped with lighting at the expense of the kinetic energy of the steps

Head of design company "Social and business center Okhta", which will build the tower Petersburg "Lakhta-Center", Julia Revelers, I talked about some of the innovative characteristics of this structure.

In particular, she told that the issue of certification LEED was not initially as the receipt of this important document was understood at the initial design stage. The company carefully collected all the information in the course of construction to at the time of entry "Lakhta Center" in the operation to have a full package of documents required for certification on this well-known environmental standard.

According to Mrs. Revellers at the modern commercial real estate market, the availability of "green" certificates at the building is the determining factor when choosing tenants. Statistics show that the developer receives for such buildings 15% more rent, which, however, does not take away tenants – the occupancy rate of office centers in the "green" segment, much higher.

Julia told the Revelers and the technologies that the "Lakhta center" will become "green".

The most innovative solution will be the lighting of the inner yard of the tower due to the kinetic energy of the visitors. To do this, all the floors will be equipped with special technology that allows you to recycle energy steps into electricity.

It is also important that brand throughout the office center, Smoking will be prohibited, which is an important decision in light of the certification of LEED, but for the rest of the staff in the green zone around the building you plan to install garden swing you can buy that are now virtually everywhere.

Will the business center is set and separate waste collection, which, according to preliminary calculations, every day will accumulate over two tons.

Recall that the "Lakhta center" is planned to be operational by 2018. In this 86-story tower to house the headquarters of Gazprom. The total area of the premises of the business center consists of 334 thousand square meters.



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