Skyscraper in St. Petersburg

Despite the objections of Petrograd and UNESCO to join them, "Gazprom" knocked permission to build his skyscraper. State Construction Supervision and Examination issued JSC "Social and Business Center Okhta" (owned by "Gazprom oil") permission to build the first stage of a multifunctional complex "Lakhta center." Authorities supported the dream to build a resource monopoly in St. Petersburg's tallest building. However, "Gazprom" had to abandon the proximity to downtown. According to the original plan, "gazoskrёb" was supposed to appear on the Okhta. The decision to move to the suburbs, developers are not associated with the protests of citizens, and with the emerging technical problems - bog could not withstand the 396-meter high building. In Lahti, that in the mouth of the Neva River, the Gulf of Finland, the tower of "Gazprom" has already ascend up to 462, 7 meters. "Lakhta center" may well be the tallest building not only in Russia (now the leader of the Tower "Moscow" in the City - 306 meters), but also in Europe (Shard in London - 310 meters). Unless, of course, the plans do not upset gradozaschitniki and UN bureaucrats.


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