The idea for the business greenhouse

In recent years, the greenhouse business in Ukraine began to develop rapidly. As the climate of the country allows to grow vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and flowers for outdoors only in the warm period of the year, and the demand for these products can be traced all the year round, far-sighted entrepreneurs put their money into business development, associated with greenhouses.

Thus, we consider the General requirements, how to create their own greenhouse business.

There are some risks in the greenhouse business. First and foremost, is the use of greenhouses all year round, from February to November, because at other times will need to work more on heating costs. And prolonged frosts in General, there is a danger of losing an entire harvest. Do not forget also about the pests that can destroy plants. It should be remembered that different plants like different levels of temperature and humidity, so you need to clearly know how to care for a particular plant.

The best option would be farming herbs. The most unpretentious is dill. It is also possible to cultivate parsley, chives, Basil, radishes, salads, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. you Can also grow flowers.

Begin the development of a business plan greenhouses. First we need to analyze the market demand in your community (to find potential wholesale customers), determine the specialization of the greenhouse industry.

As the organizational-legal form, it is better to choose PI because you can use the tax benefits.

For greenhouses it is necessary to buy or rent land for agricultural purposes. Prices for plots vary depending on the region.

All the expenses necessary to generate greenhouses will be the individual example. Here are the main points and the equipment that will be required for the greenhouse business:

1. Registration FE – 300 UAH independently from 600 UAH with the help of law firms.
2. Buying team of the greenhouse. Industrial greenhouse polycarbonate, length 4 m, width 6 m and height 3.3 m, at an average cost of 29,000 USD. Cheaper but less quality option is a greenhouse made of polyethylene – the same size it will cost 11,000 USD.
3. The heating equipment. The most effective air heating. The meaning of this heating is that throughout the greenhouse establishes a special tube with holes through which occurs a flow of hot air from the heat source.
4. The watering system. You can use drip irrigation, it will come out quite cheap, for example, the irrigation system with a hose length of 20 meters on average cost 250 UAH.
5. Seeds (price depends on the type of plants and the number of acquisition).
6. Fertilizer.
7. Of the lighting system.
8. Chemicals. It should be a means not only to pest management but also to save the presentation.
9. Salaries of the greenhouse.
10. Warehouse and inventory. To calculate the profitability of the greenhouses, it is better to create a greenhouse for yourself. For a year or two of managing it, you will learn all the nuances of this case. Perhaps for business development, you will need partners or investments, or you just want to expand and offer their goods throughout Ukraine or even abroad. The most effective and modern method is a mass mailing e-mail to potential partners and customers.



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