UK plans to restrict wind farms

The Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron in his quest to please the traditionally conservative rural constituencies promised to limit the development of onshore wind farms – or to impose on them a total ban or reduce subsidies and introduce strict planning. The discontent of the inhabitants is the close proximity to the wind turbines and plans for their future installation in the country.

It's not all bad news for renewable energy in the UK. The government expects a large increase in the segment of solar energy, announcing earlier plans for 20ГВт of installed capacity by 2020. We are not talking about large solar complexes. Instead, it is recommended to use distributed generation on the roofs of houses and industrial buildings. However, the government has promised to pay more attention to wind power, sea-based.

The Royal Academy of engineering, the opponent of such measures, warned about the rise in energy prices, unless such plans will actually be implemented. Offshore wind is much more capital intensive.

The replacement of one wind turbine on land to the analogue in of the sea will cost 300 000 pounds a year in subsidies. Moreover, it will be much harder to fulfil a UK legal obligation to reduce carbon emissions.

Political opponents accuse the Prime Minister of double standards: he hears the protests of local residents. and completely ignores them in all that concerns the development of shale gas. The decision is still pending, but the policy uncertainty has a negative impact on investors ' expectations.



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