Designer Sebastian had died has created a vivid biodegradable stool

German designer Sebastian had died decided to take a new look at a familiar everyday object, like a stool, and created a unique chair "Eggo!"combining not only bright and eye-catching design, but also an environmental component.

Sixty three million nine hundred twenty five thousand eight hundred eighteen

The legs of the stool "Eggo!"pretty traditional – they are designer made from solid bars of wood. The original legs of a chair has become painting each of them a few shades different from the other, which creates a visual gradation and ripples.

But the cover of the stool was more design and tech. 70 percent composition of the material from which it is made, consists of the usual eggshell. According to Sebastian Aumer, the solution with the use of this ingredient, and completely eliminates the use of chemical components, as well as to achieve the complete degradability of the stool. The remaining 30 percent of the mass of material from which the chair cover "Eggo!"— and this is starch, vinegar and casein, is also absolutely safe for the environment.

Fifty one million four hundred ninety five thousand six hundred eighty

To come to this combination of composite materials, Sebastian Oumarou had quite a long time to spend in the home of the laboratory for the experiments in which it was determined by the ratio that provides adequate strength. But neither of the minute of the time spent had died no regrets, because that's what he wanted to see the result of their work, even at the stage of project planning.

It is also interesting that the Creator of the stool "Eggo!"takes the shell for the production of its bakeries located near his home. There were happy to give the designer of all these wastes, so as before they went in the trash, thereby increasing the volume of waste, the export of which had to pay. About the cost of the chair "Eggo!"nothing is yet reported, as the exact date of the start of sales, and we only know that at the first stage of implementation in the stores will be pink and blue versions of the stool, and subsequently a gamma of colors will be greatly expanded.



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