Foods that cause pimples on the skin


Diet greatly influences the condition of human skin, according to The Standard. Analysis of studies conducted over the last 50 years, showed that foods with a high glycemic index, and milk enhance the expression of acne and sometimes cause rashes on the skin.


Glycemic index — an indicator reflecting the speed with which the product is broken down in the body and converted into glucose. The high glycemic index of beer, figs, rutabagas, potatoes, bakery products, rice, sweets, boiled carrots, muesli, watermelon, pumpkins, sweet drinks, chocolate, bananas (actually, from sweet fruit), semolina, pasta.


Acne occurs when the skin produces too much fat and dead skin cells clog the pores. In the end, provoked by local inflammation. It is considered the development of fat depend on hormonal fluctuations. For this reason, 80% of teenagers pointed out the problems with the skin.


By themselves, the rashes do not pose a threat, but when they can remain scars, the person develops anxiety, depression, reduced self-esteem. About the connection of acne with diet say from the late 19th century. So people with problem skin are not recommended to consume sugar, oily foods. But in the 60-ies of the theory criticized. Only now scientists were able to officially confirm the existence of a relationship.



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