Solar desalination plant for drinking water

The lack of drinking water in developing countries affects a billion people who are forced to spend a lot of time and effort only for regular campaigns for safe water.

The lack of water has devastating consequences for human health and for economic development. Italian designer Gabriele Diamanti, many years watching the work of charitable organizations in Africa, developed the design of the finished product, which everyone can freely use for their own needs.

The invention is a simple water distiller that turns using solar thermal energy salt or even waste water into steam under pressure coming from the evaporator chamber by the tube in the bottom compartment, where the shade is closed with a lid, the condensation chamber.

It is the cooling steam flowing down water drops into the bowl. Getting 5 liters of distilled water is without filters or electricity, the initial water released from the microbes and salts, including magnesium and arsenic.

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