Innovative water treatment system canadian scientists received a grant for half a million dollars

A team of canadian scientists from the University of British Columbia, led by Professor David Wilkinson, developed a unique wastewater treatment technology in oil and gas industry, which allows the output to not only clean water, but also a number of valuable chemicals. The most interesting thing in the cleaning process also uses carbon dioxide, which is the same oil and gas production is produced in excess.

Mr. Wilkinson said that the essence of development is the use of the most modern energy efficient system of dialysis, which is efficiency and cost of energy is substantially better than that of today's popular technologies of reverse osmosis and evaporation.

The proliferation of such methods of treatment can not only significantly mitigate global shortages of fresh water, but to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions, the share of oil sector which is quite significant.

Now, according to Professor Wilkinson, is developed by the introduction of technology in Alberta, where according to preliminary estimates it will allow to save annually more than a billion gallons of water, and reduce by several thousand tons of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Of course, to talk about the achievement of such results in the near future, it is not necessary – it is the prospect of more remote, but the presence of commercial bids to implement the system clearly indicates its prospects.

Also note that the team of creators of technology received a grant for half a million dollars designed to improve the developed system of water treatment. Funding was provided by the organization Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation, which this project, and 19 the like, chose among 344 of the received applications.

Experts of the science sector grants from the Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation is considered one of the most prestigious, and their presentation clearly demonstrates the recognition of the development of participants at the highest level.



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