Scientists have solved the problem of storage and transportation of hydrogen fuel


Researchers from Lausanne and has completed the solution to the problem of converting hydrogen into liquid fuel safer for storage and transportation.

Explosive hydrogen must be stored and transported in expensive special containers. Problems of security, logistics and profitability has limited the ability of hydrogen functionality. Scientists from EPFL (Lausanne) has developed a simple system of two chemical reactions. The first allows you to turn the hydrogen into formic acid, safe in transportation and storage, the second reaction does the reverse recovery of hydrogen with atmospheric CO2.

New technology: transforming hydrogen into formic acid and back, has the advantage that nothing is lost when you convert and process, thus, can be used in constructing sustainable devices. Project Manager gábor Laurenczy: "Our procedure is simple enough to be implemented at national level". Another advantage of this new technology is to use atmospheric CO2, a greenhouse gas, as a building block for chemical synthesis. Formic acid is the basis of numerous organic syntheses, e.g. in the textile industry. As Laurenczy explains: "We kill two birds with one stone: you can isolate part of the 35 gigatons of CO2 that are emitted into the atmosphere each year, and use it to synthesize materials."




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