Google intends to allocate $1 billion on satellites

Google plans to invest $1 billion in the launch of its one hundred and eighty of the satellites that would provide Internet to the most remote points of the world. The Corporation does not comment on the project.

At the moment we know that the satellites will launch into low earth orbit. On the project will be to work with Greg Wyler, who is the founder of O3b Networks, and with it, the engineers at Space Systems/Loral LLC.

Before that, Google bought Titan Aerospace, a company that specializiruetsya directly on the development of drones operated by solar energy. Due to the transactions made Google intends to provide Internet access to developing countries where this service is badly distributed.

Titan Aerospace will complement project Loon, in which Google creates a system of special balloons to provide Internet signal to remote areas of the world. Known that Titan Aerospace wanted to buy Facebook, but instead the largest social network decided to buy another British company.

Note that Google Inc. Is an American Internet Corporation, which owns the world's first popular search engine Google. Corporate profits, according to the results of the first quarter of this year amounted to $3.4 billion. In April it was said that Larry page, founder of Google, and Eric Schmidt, its Executive Director, participated in the financing of the project Planetary Resources, dedicated to space exploration.



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