Scientists big salary can destroy the family

Modern scientists recently a study was conducted in the course of which they became aware of the fact that high level of wages has a detrimental impact on family relationships and can even disturb the idyll, established for many years. The experts stressed that the representatives of the stronger sex, receiving wages lower than those of wives experience emotional dissatisfaction in family practice.

Director of this unusual experiment was Anna Edelstein, who said that all the collected data for research to prove an alleged fact. Also, according to the expert, the desire, or rather even say the race for the big money, the man undergoes a stressful situation, coupled with nervous overload, which actually lead to virtually a complete psychological destabilization.

Women earn less than men, but more tired

Women at work are experiencing much more stress I feel the most depleted in comparison with men. To such conclusion scientists from Israel, the universities of Haifa and tel Aviv.

Among other things the peculiarity of female nature is that they more men are thinking about the likely loss of employment. In addition, women feel after a day of severe depletion.

The study involved nine thousand women and eight thousand men from 27 countries. They are suggested questions that help researchers assess how attractive to each participant seems to work. Used characteristics such as level of earnings, a flexible schedule, training, training, fear of job loss, prospects, etc.

In the end, it turned out that ladies at work are experiencing much more stress and they feel depleted, returning home. Yes, in the end, the salary of women is significantly less than similar men. Experience and level of professionalism is not helping much in this matter.

The only thing that women overtook men at work, is exercise. In other words, women don't have to drag weights, shipping cement to the piling, that while engaged exclusively in men.

Against this background it is not surprising that women receive much less satisfaction from their activities. Prior to this, the experts believed that the difference in wages women kompensiruet great satisfaction from their work, but in reality it was the opposite, that is men get money and more satisfaction.



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