The 5 most creative advertising buildings in the world

Most companies use advertising to clients to learn more about their product. These 5 companies built their houses in the form of what they are trying to sell or promote. Creative buildings attract curious crowds that flock

like bees to honey.

Twenty one million five hundred ninety two thousand five hundred thirty seven

1.Giant Doughnuts operates as a Bakery: the donut hole, La Puente, CA, USA
Under the sun and blue skies of La Puente, California is one of the most amazing bakeries in the world.
In the form of two large donuts.

2. Big pineapple, South Africa.In the small village of Bathurst, South Africa is a very ambitious building. This building has three floors that include a 60 — seat auditorium, a gift shop and a Museum dedicated to the pineapple and observation deck.

Thirty six million four hundred twenty nine thousand five hundred eighty nine

3. Toilet Museum, South Korea. Built as a private house in 2007 as the first President of the world Association of washrooms,2-storey building shaped like a giant toilet, now functions as a toilet Museum in Suwon, South Korea.

Seventy nine million eight hundred twenty three thousand seven hundred thirty nine

4.Meitan Tea Museum, China. Nearly 245-feet high, this building set a record as the largest kettle in the world.

Eighty four million six hundred thirty thousand one hundred thirty seven

5. Large Shoe Repair shops Bakersfield, CA, USA Built in 1947, is a 30-foot building is unique in that the roof has a working drawstring, made from a 50-meter rope.

Eighty eight million six hundred thirty eight thousand three hundred thirty two

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