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Northern stuck — species of marine fish, which lives up to its name. This amazingly strong fish this unique ability to cling that she could hold the weight of almost 300 times greater than the mass of her own body. Fish sticks is many times better than any of the artificial suction cups. Scientists are actively studying the fish based on its ability to create a new sticky device.

Currently there are approximately 160 known variants cleaved, each with their own unique features. There is a tiny Remora that attaches to the spine of sea urchins, deep-sea variety with a small suction Cup, and a giant the size of a human forearm. One of the most famous types of North clingy.

A native of the Pacific coast of North America, North stuck living in the rocks of the intertidal zone, where strong waves and current can throw it on shore at any time. In order to survive in their natural habitat, jackass got the disc for adhesion, which takes up a quarter of her belly. Using this disc, it can hold on to almost any surface.

Interestingly, if you throw a Remora in a bucket of water, and then pour the water, it will remain an empty bucket with fish inside. Remora sucker formed from its pelvic and pectoral fins, and on the edge the naked eye can discern tiny flat hexagons. However, under the microscope, their tops consist of fine hair like spaghetti, like spiders or beetles. Thanks to them it turns out such a strong grip surface. Once a seizure occurs, jackass begins to maintain a low pressure in the suction area, which ensures reliable adhesion.


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