The miracle of the twentieth century — the elder Theophanes


In the men's monastery near Makarovskaya Saransk do not stop miracles at the grave of elder and spiritual Saransk diocese of Theophanes, and in the world of Vladimir Dankov. Here gather crowds of people to ask about the healing or the fulfillment of a wish. Is it true in the monastery's something odd going on, found out the correspondent SmartNews.

Pilgrimage in the Makarovsky St. John the theologian monastery on the grave of the elder Theophanes does not stop even for a day. People come for healing, just pray, and sometimes for spiritual advice. Say, old man, as in life, never refuse anyone, and healing to occur more and more often.

— Today I came to the priest Feofan no longer be counted again. Words fail to convey the grace and calm that I get after coming here. The old man was very kind in life, everyone listened, it was always possible to see surrounded by people, a large bundle of commemorative notes. To it also now attracts a lot of different people. Me it helps, and after his death, just recently my son got into the accident, the hospital said that there is almost no chance, and I went and prayed and the priest Theophan asked to help... and it helped! Son to the amendment went, the doctors say this rarely happens at such heavy wounds. But I'm sure he will be healthy, because with us through the priest.
Marina Akimova, member of the Makarovsky monastery

A story about healing the old man began a very long time. Born father theophane in 1935 in Penza region, in the village of Orlovka Bashmakovsky district. Ordinary peasant family at that time: father is a Communist, and his mother was a deeply religious man, and tried to instill in their children. The first spiritual mentor of the boy was the elder Gregory, who had strengthened the faith in God and taught the young Vladimir to wear a cross. One day, having gone 30 miles from home, in the Church in the village Bashmakovka, Volodya remained there to work as a altar server for 20 years. After the left to the village of Stone Ford and stayed there for 12 years, and when he opened Sanaksar Nativity of the Theotokos monastery, went to one of the brethren.

After he spent two years in Sanaksara, Vladimir Dankov tonsured into the schema with the name of Theophanes. Then the Metropolitan of Saransk and Mordovia Varsonofy sent Theophanes in between chufarovo to restore Holy Trinity monastery, where it started and the fame of the elder. People came slowly, asked for help. But after the restoration of the monastery, father theophane passed in 2004, Makarovsky St. John the theologian monastery. Now this place is known not only in Russia but also far beyond its borders. To the priest as before, and now come even from America and Germany, not to mention the near abroad.

The elder Theophan met with many well-known elders of our time. Was his father Nicholas on the island Flooded, and went to father Elijah Optinskogo, met with father John of Pskov-caves monastery. In all the years living in the monastery theophane showed himself to be a high way of monastic obedience, humility, infinite love to everyone who came to him. He is always close to my heart took the misfortunes of the pilgrims and parishioners. Thanks to its duhovniceasca activities of its popularity extends far beyond the borders of the Republic.

The old man treated thousands of people, and in October last year, needed help himself. The disease attacked the father of Theophanes, but despite severe pain, he continued to receive people, said that during conversations with the pilgrims he has the strength to live. However, the death itself he prophesied to himself.

— A few years before his father's death Theophanes we have with him had a conversation about people who leave this life at Easter. It is believed that they are in the Kingdom of God. The elder said that he, too, will die during Easter week. I was very scared then, because the occasion was not far off. But he smiled and said not this year.
Olga Eremina, organizer of pilgrimages from Nizhny Novgorod

Numerous parishioners and pilgrims arrived from all over Russia and abroad to participate in the burial after Easter may 18 of this year. The funeral of sharemarket Theophanes took place in the main Cathedral of St. John the Theological Makarov monastery. He was buried in the monastery cemetery behind St. John the Theologian Cathedral. Now the memorial service and the lity at the grave of sharemarket Theophanes (Dankov) are daily at 9:00 and 17:00, after which people stay, they kiss the cross and ask each of his.

A large number of believers from the most remote corners of Russia say with gratitude: "Father Feofan has helped.". These words are pronounced with the appearance of long-awaited first child, after returning the family of her husband, during the retreat of serious illness, many life stories and examples about help and healing through prayer and visits to the elder Theophan during his lifetime and after death. Hundreds of pilgrims every day go to the grave to the elder. "Because otherwise, if and when life is helped, then in the light of the word might say to us," say the pilgrims.

- It can be put on a par with such old men as father Nikolay (Guryanov) from the island Flooded, John (by Krestiankin). It is the ascetics that a strong Orthodox Russia. A distinctive feature of the righteous Makarov that he had sincere love for her children, was a model of true obedience.
Clement, Bishop of Krasnoslobodsky and Temnikov,

However, love for others, miracles in life and after death yet do not give the elder Theophanes the status of a Saint. For this must go not just one procedure and a large amount of time. But perhaps the priest Theophan still ahead.

— No matter how paradoxical it may sound, the procedure really is in order to avoid various confusion. The process of recognition of Holiness can only begin a few years after the death and in the presence of facts help people after death. Not going to one meeting among the diocese and all carefully pondered.
The representative of the press service of the Saransk diocese

Have long lost count of the miracles happening after prayer, the elder. With it depart the most serious illnesses. Miracles after death were not uncommon in the Makarovsky Pogost, people came and come to the grave to the father Feofan over and over again, remembering it during the life of bright and smiling. Stories about someone passes from mouth to mouth, and someone posts on the Internet.

— Of course to believe or not is a personal matter, but the facts of miraculous healing and real help in difficult situations of elder Theophanes numerous. I was once at a reception at the Theophanes, and personally felt an unusual warmth and kindness that came from this frail, white-haired old man. In conditions of unbearable heat, he tried to take all the suffering. In my memory of that July day came to him more than 200 persons, the People began to gather early in the morning, from about 6-30. In the end we came to him only in the evening at six o'clock.

Healing elder Theophanes of course-specific, has no scientific basis and is very painful. After he "massaged" his body a heavy metal spear, many people had a long lasting bruises. Maybe it is illogical, but it is a kind of physical catharsis was worth it — my problem was resolved, Yes, not immediately, after some time, but decided. I believe this has the merit of Theophanes. I have personally seen the faces of hundreds of people, pilgrims, filled with faith in the healing and hope in a bright future. However I hear real human stories of miraculous healings. So, he really helped people, and rumors and gossip about the fact that it's quackery dismiss themselves charlatans, swindlers and speculators. Well, there are still those who do not believe, however, that is their right...the Kingdom of heaven elder Theophanes and eternal memory...
-During the life of the old man talked me out of abortion, stupid I was, she didn't know what I want. But now I'm grateful. That is the work only all the bad I had already and didn't know what to hope for, thought the old man now no, no one to help, but his grave is here. To cross inclined, said all. And you know, after I left the monastery, took out his phone to check the time, and here it is direct I rang it from work told me the good news. Now I came to say thank you for this elder Theophanes. The main fact is not to ask, and to pray with great sorrow and warmth of heart.
Galina Fedorova, a resident of the city of Saransk

Of course, there are skeptics who do not believe in the healing and fulfillment of desires, but in this case, even with the restraint configured against miracles experts try to explain what is happening a special feat that bore the elder Theophan.
Expert opinion. Edward Rogachev

— The institution is a special Ministry that God gives only to the elite. These include father Theophanes the Confessor Makarovsky monastery. Even at a young age he devoted himself to the service of God. The institution is as a feat, he at all times was revered in Rus. It gives a special power. Unfortunately, in our time, the elders became extremely rare.


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