The brain exercises that will help you to expand consciousness

In 1936, American writer Dorothy brand in his book "Wake Up and Live" ("Wake up and live") offered some fun exercises for the brain that will help make your mind sharper and flexible, according to These exercises are designed to get you out of your habitual environment, show a different perspective (even different reality, if you want) and create a situation which will require ingenuity and creative solution.


1.Spend 1 hour per day without saying anything, only answering direct questions, in their normal environment without creating the impression that you are offended or not in the mood. Behave normal as possible. Make no comments and resist the attempts to extract from you.

2.30 minutes a day think about a single subject without being distracted more than anything. You can start with five minutes.

3.15 minutes a day keep a communication without using words "I, me, mine."

4.Stop at the threshold of any crowded with people premises and thoughtfully evaluate its dimensions.

5.Let your new friend spoke only about themselves, not allowing him to realize this. Polite questions return it in the direction of mutual conversation so that he didn't feel the negativity.

6.Try to talk only about themselves, not boasting, not complaining and not forcing interlocutors to miss.

7.Make a strict plan for two hours a day and strictly follow the plan.

8.Give yourself 12 random tasks, for example: go 20 miles from home without the use of any special tools; go 12 hours without food; Breakfast in the most unexpected and unlikely place that you can find; say nothing all day except answers to the questions; do not sleep all night and work.

9.During the day, say "Yes" to all questions and proposals (within reason). These exercises may seem strange, but in fact they can make your life a lot and get to know yourself better.



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