The legend of the bottomless pit Ellensburg

Places in the district of Ellensburg. Washington, is beautiful at any time of the year.

Local residents claim that the area surrounding this city is a deep, dark pit in which the lives of some supernatural force.

One man named Red Elk is one of the few people alive who have seen this mystery hole with my own eyes.

Red Elk – the representative of indigenous population of America, the hereditary shaman (or witch doctor). For the first time into the mysterious pit of his brought father. It was in 1961.

"He said it was a bottomless pit," – says Red Elk.

Since then, he has visited this place many times, and each time something very strange happened.

Many old-timers say that knew about the existence of the pit all his life. But became widely known, this phenomenon developed only in 1997, when Mel waters told about him in a popular radio program.

"I went there with the dogs – told waters, But they refused to come close to this place."

Waters says that around the pit built of stone fence with a height of three feet (about 90 cm; approx.

In order to understand how deep the pit, he threw a bag of candy, tied to a fishing line length of several thousand meters. If the bag fell into the water, the candy would melt.

But they came back without any damage.

Waters is confident that the pit has a depth of a few kilometers and heard strange stories about its supernatural properties.

"One guy claims that he dumped his dead dog. He swears that the animal got out of there alive and unharmed".

Red Elk is very unhappy, the whole story became known to the General public. Now he has to fend off journalists and the merely curious.

Ed Elk I am sure that down there is a secret government base.

Red Elk believes that this explains the appearance of the white square things on satellite images.

And Red Elk says he saw, as from time to time over the pit there is a huge aircraft – apparently, alien.

And during the summer solstice, the creatures from the ship that was unloaded into the pit and lifted from her, then flew away.

The Museum of legends and traditional knowledge Phil Lipson also heard these stories.

"I'm sure that this pit really exists," he admitted.

Lipson even went on an expedition to find this place, but to no avail. And yet, he still does not lose hope to find the mystic hole.

No one, despite all the efforts, found it since the famous broadcast.

All material relating to helensburgh pits, mysteriously vanished from a locked archive.


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