Engineers have developed a new method of printing with aluminum nanostructures



The technology of printing with aluminum nanostructures allows for a wide palette of colors with high resolution.

The research team from the Singapore University of technology and design has developed a technology for printing images that requires no inks and pigments and will not fade for a long time. Color palette high resolution uses tiny aluminum wheels nanopillars.

Normal color printing is obtained by overlaying dots of cyan, Magenta, yellow and black pigments in various ratios to get a range of colors. In the new paint scheme, each pixel consists of four nanopillars with a metallic coating. Nanoscale metal structures act as resonators: electrons on the metal surface oscillate at certain frequencies, depending on the size of the structure. As a result, a metal nanostructure reflects light with a frequency which corresponds to the oscillating electrons. Thus, by changing the size and shape of miniature structures, the distance between nanocolumns, researchers are able to produce different colors.

By adjusting the diameter and location of Namestovo in each pixel, the developers were able to make a huge palette of colors. To reduce the cost of a group of researchers has replaced the gold and silver on aluminum. The next step for engineers will be refinement and technology to profitability, adaptation to the methods of mass printing.


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