Incredible stories of courageous people

These people have experienced real horror,
but managed to survive.

Mihelina Lewandowska - survived being buried alive

Mihelina Lewandowska, a Polish emigrant to the UK in January 2012, described in the British court the horror that she experienced when she was bound hand and foot, dug into the ground in a cardboard box, where it is slowly suffocating. She said: "When I was lying in his shallow grave, I thought my life was over, and I die ... I prayed to God to help me to survive, and I was able to raise his young son." Father of a son was Marcin Kasprzhak, and it was he buried alive Mihelinu.
After Kasprzhak Mihelinoy parted, he and his friend Patrick Borys has developed a plan to get rid of it. He shot Mihelinu of stun guns, they also tied her hands and feet, long thought what to do next, and finally put it in a cardboard box, was taken to the forest and buried alive under ten centimeters of earth and 40 pound log .
Incredibly, Mihelina could cut the rope wedding ring, which she gave Marcin, and then she was able to get to the surface. It was hard to walk and breathe for a few weeks after that, and she, of course, still have nightmares. But thanks to her testimony, her ex-boyfriend and his friend were both sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Holly Dunn - The only one who survived the attack "railway killer»

When Holly Dunn and her boyfriend Chris Meyer evening August 29, 1997 came a strange-looking man and asked for money, they're a little scared, and they were all on the ground. His name was Angel Resendiz; By the time he had already killed six people and was going to kill even more.
Resendiz saw them near some railroad tracks a few blocks from the place of the party to which they were going home. Threatening an ice pick, he tied Holly and Chris, and threw them in a ditch. He was convinced that no one had seen, and then scored Chris to death a twenty-boulder. He raped Holly ax hit her in the throat and beat her beyond recognition, after which she lost consciousness.
When she woke up, the perpetrator had already left. Holly was able to get to the nearest house, where she was taken to the hospital. She had a lot of injuries, including the line of the eye and a broken jaw. She managed to recover, and she testified against Resendiz in court. The court found him guilty and sentenced to death, the sentence was carried out in 2006. Angel Resendiz in 13 years has killed at least 15 people, and Holly Dunn was the only victim who survived the attack.

Alcides Moreno - survived after falling 47 floors

Alcides Moreno and his brother Edgar were the washers of glasses and worked together on a skyscraper in Manhattan for many years. This is definitely a risky job, and in December 2007 this risk became a terrible reality. Construction cradle on which they worked, fell down 47 floors, flew 150 meters and fell into the street. When rescuers arrived, Edgar was dead, and Alcides survived and was conscious.
Investigators believe that Alcides could conveniently be grouped in the cradle, and the doctors say that he did not hurt his head and broke the pelvis in the fall - these are the two reasons that often lead to death from such falls. Alcides was immediately taken to the intensive care unit with injuries of the brain, spine, broken limbs, ribs, in general, with all that that can happen to a person after a fall from a height of 150 meters, in addition to the loss of pulse, which he had. < br /> Doctors expected that his recovery will take at least a year, but he has almost recovered and participated in various talk shows after half a year. His career window cleaner over, but his life, to the surprise of many - no. Chief physician Moreno said that the fall with three floors has often lead to death, and treatment Alcides is unique for his team. "We rarely treat patients that have fallen from the heights above the tenth floor. Typically, they immediately sent to the morgue ».

Ken Henderson - I Survived after 30 hours adrift at sea

When old friends Ken Henderson and Ed Coen were fishing in the Gulf of Mexico in March 2012, their boat was flooding. Henderson tried to pump water pumps, but they are too late to realize that water is coming very quickly, and pumps fail. Radio signals are not caught the no cell phones were also out of the network. They managed to take only a couple of life jackets and some supplies, as the boat had sunk in the icy water.
So they drifted for 30 hours. They talked with each other, to somehow escape psychologically pressed against each other to keep warm, and struggled with baleen, dehydration and severe cold as long as they could. Henderson decided to make a desperate attempt to swim to the nearest oil platform, but at this time Cohen was really bad.
Ken barely could not swim. He was disoriented, almost blown off course, and he began to haunt icy trees that grow under water. When he finally swam to the platform at two o'clock in the morning and a half days after the accident, and 80 kilometers from the sunken boat, he called out to his wife, which caused the coast guard. They later discovered the lifeless body of Ed Cohen. But they have found two bodies, if not this heroic effort Ken Henderson.

Richard Moyer - survived the attack a black bear

Richard Moyer began his day 3 octabromo 2011 as well as all the other days. He woke up, took his dog to walk Brinda, but she ran away into the forest that surrounded his home. After Richard came home, Brinda returned. And it pursued a huge black bear.
This bear was very very angry at Brinda and all those who with her something to do. He literally broke the door to the house, he rushed in after the dog attacked Richard and woke his wife Angela. She tried to intervene, but quickly realized it was the wrong decision, because the bear has switched his attention to her. This prompted the dog to attack a bear, and Richard Moyer do what any husband would do. "What could I do? I ducked my head and attacked the bear "- he said then. Then the bear really angry.
He strongly squeezed Richard chewed his head a little, and then just relaxed, went out onto the porch and sat down there. The wounds from the bear's claws had been serious enough, and the bite wound on the head had to put 37 staples. The husband and wife left the hospital in the evening of the same day, probably because they could not wait to tell the story to his ten-year son, who all slept.


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