The most harmful drink in the world for children

Seventy two million three hundred ninety five thousand eight hundred twenty seven

American scientists named the most harmful drink in the world. As it turned out, his love to the children...

A team of experts led by Eric Stice found that the most harmful to children's health are milkshakes, which contain a loading dose of sugar and fat.

A study was conducted involving 100 high school students, who were asked to drink milkshakes with chocolate taste. The child's body reacted to the drink, like drugs, because a huge dose of sugar present in them, extremely stimulate the pleasure center.

Moreover, sugar is a dangerous combination with milk fat, which composition is in 3 times more than you need to consume per day. In addition, these cocktails are calorie daily rate adult (!) person.

By the way, the second harm after milkshakes are sweet, carbonated drinks. According to nutritionists, every year more than 180 000 people through the fault of soda suffer from any diseases. And even an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and changes in the structure of the brain in consequence of the use of these drinks scare people and do not stop to refrain from them himself and not to offer children.




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