How to make your life more harmonious

According to research in modern society is successful is the one who managed to achieve their goals and financial well-being. But how can be useful for successful people to society and the Planet?

In our society the concept of "success" is most often associated with prosperity and fulfillment: 26% of respondents believe a successful person who have achieved everything in life, and 26% living in prosperity. 10% is considered a symbol of the success of a good job.
Environmentalist and author David Orr in one of his books expressed the idea, which often began to be quoted and attributed, probably for better readability, the more popular the personality, the Dalai Lama: "the Planet does not need more 'successful people'. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers. It needs people with whom to live well. The planet needs people with morals who are willing to join in the fight to make the world lively and humane. And these qualities have little to do with "success", as defined in our society."

Previously, a successful person is the one who raised good children and create a strong family, just the man responsible for many good things. Now success is evaluated by the achievement of goals, and often, price does not matter.

In children's fairy tales, led us to a situation where an evil character is offered an exchange: I'll give you what you want at once, and you me in return for his soul. And good character generally did not agree to such an exchange, choosing a more complex and full of challenges path from which he emerges victorious.

Now we meet a huge number of "successful" people, actors and singers, politicians, top businessmen who are willing to tell us anything, besides how they got the job, how you earned your first million.

Success means to make it!Modern consumer society and the media displays on a pedestal of popularity and the power of those who meet the requirements of mass culture, not those who do good.

Did you notice that the really valuable information or a useful person, you need to look hard. First we get information about the popular, successful people, not those who are really professional in their field. Often successful and the expert are different concepts.

"Our planet revolves not at the expense of those whom we all dubbed "successful" and placed on the podium. "Successful people" do not teach our children in school. "Successful people" do not treat us from the cold. "Successful people" not to save the Earth from global warming. "Successful people" don't bake bread, don't drive trams or wash floors in your office. But those who do it, is objectively much more useful to society than the whole army of pop-singers, managers and oligarchs." says David Orr.

Success does not bring castlekart dreams, which consists in training for success, houses, cars, travel pictures from magazines. The race for modern standards of success, what causes it?

In fact to the subconscious copying of these images. The exit at the top of the pyramid of consumption, in most cases, over the heads of other, more Executive and less motivated colleagues.

If you assess the situation more globally, all the top managers of large corporations that rule the world, careerists, ready to fight for any opportunity that gives them an advantage over their more balanced counterparts.

But whether such success is happiness? At the University of British Columbia conducted a psychological study, which revealed that many top executives come from a small percentage of the population prone to psychopathy. That is, the success of modern man, it's more a mental disorder than a normal human behavior.

In a consumer society "success" and "happiness" are completely different concepts. "Successful woman" is more of a business woman, career woman, a "happy woman" is a mother, wife, homemaker.
"Successful" is a man who earns well, provided material goods. Happy men do write very rarely. (Perhaps because he looks like a ugly village guy, which does not lie on the format of the media channels and profiles in Instagram and Facebook).

In the pursuit of "success," many, especially young people feverishly ahead of the event, buying himself outside, without worrying about the internal.

Of course, such a psychopathic race for success has to be devastating. Perhaps in a world of so much war, bloodshed, endless economic crises — we just put on a "successful" psychopaths believing their normality and struggling to be like them?

In such a society of material values of a successful person who rose to the top of consumption, it becomes very lonely. All his entourage is founded on the principle of chicken roost "to pull off the top and bottom ruin". Infinite vector in setting and achieving goals in a competitive world.

Dropping out of this value system, the man falls into a deep depression, and the world, the real world is measured, for it is just "the vacuum in which nothing happens."

Now, there are many theories of conscious life, the so-called slow life. When man lives in harmony with oneself and the environment. A return to the traditions and family values. (Sometimes it's like an escape from the outside world into closed sects, which often manipulate these values)

The world is ruled by Libavformat success normal person can be the love for all that you do. Love:

  • the job you go
  • to the family and children
  • environment
  • themselves and others
A good example of how to make your life more harmonious, can serve as our gardeners. Oddly enough, but the trend to growing their own products in the Western world rose from the depression the whole metropolis, which at some point suddenly fell out of the commercial interests of big consortia.

It is possible to change your attitude to everything will take a lot of time and work this is not the first time. But worth the effort. You need only 5% of people in society that will change their attitude to standards of success and the whole world will aspire to a normal life. And we'll rebuild the whole system consumption more harmonious.



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