Food Allergy children are developing during the pregnancy

Employees of Children's research Institute Murdoch found that food Allergy in children appears even in the womb.

Melbourne scientists have discovered key differences in the blood of babies that are allergic to foods and children without the disease. The researchers, led by Dr. David Martino compared the blood samples of 12-month-old child. The scientist explains: "We looked at the molecular switches that control how genes are expressed, and found that there is an Association with food Allergy and disruption in some of these switches. That means some of the predisposition to food allergies may be programmed into the child already during pregnancy". Martino added that the results will help researchers to figure out how certain factors can change the genes of babies.

Co-author Katie Allen says: "We want to see whether there are any factors that occur in the child in the womb that we can change before birth. We will see things like diet, weight and Smoking to see if changing these factors changes the risk of food allergies".

The study looked 24 children, and will now be held on a larger scale with 5300 babies. The majority of the studied children with allergies were allergic to eggs, some to peanuts.



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