Home safety first and foremost

Each of us wants his home comfortable and safe. The fire alarm will protect and save your home in case of fire. The alarm system can be done much more efficiently, providing its fans with a fire extinguisher. It is desirable to establish in each room or at least at the most critical points. These include ovens and stoves, fireplaces and fireplace heaters and boilers, where you store supplies of fuel or combustible materials (e.g., garage).

Automatic fire suppression systems operate on different substances. The movies and television shows are known to us mainly water fire extinguishers: as soon as the sensor feels the smell of smoke and triggered the alarm, from special nozzles on the ceiling begins to enter the water. In real life, the water as a means of automatic refilling of fire extinguishers is not particularly popular, the three leaders of gas, foam and aerosol.

Aerosol fire extinguishers are completely harmless and inexpensive, but not particularly effective for large-scale fires, especially in the unpressurized areas. Similar characteristics, the experts give powder fire extinguishers. Water cope effectively applied to the furniture and property damage.

Foam extinguishing is very effective — the rich foam quickly covers the fire of oxygen and water in its composition cools an object and reduces its inflammability. They are safe, but disable equipment, to spoil the furniture and books can time.

The most effective and non destructive method of fighting fires indoors, using a fire extinguisher filled with gas, carbon dioxide. He puts out the fire faster than water or foam, does not cause damage and does not produce toxic compounds.

System installation is a job for the professionals, the experts will inspect the property, prepare the project of installation of fire system will select the equipment and install, and then will carry out warranty service. The system cost consists of the cost of equipment, design and installation work.

Source: globalscience.ru


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