Crash landing

February 8 last year, between the crew of the cargo DC-8-71F N748UP UPS carries out regular night flight from Atlanta to Philadelphia and the Philadelphia airport manager the following dialogue took place:

D: UPS in 1307, the band 27 of the Rules, cleared to land
E: Landing allowed, and that we've got a fire alarm in gruzotseke worked, you would not be able to adjust the emergency gang?
A: Yes, no problem. Fire alarm, you say? How many of you on board, and whether enough fuel?
E: Three and fuel an hour or two ...
A: Landing allowed 27 left it to 300 meters long.
E: Landing allowed 27 left (and continues to go on the 27 right)
D: 1307, confirm that go to 27 left.
E: Oh, zvinyayte, we thought that you gave the right.
D: Okay, take the right (causes fire)
... Plane sits down with smoke and flames through the holes in the rear fuselage, the crew on the lam through vents, fire begin to extinguish. Someone did not wait for their parcels from Amazon ...



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