Eye color and health, the relationship was found

Eyes help us not only to look into the human soul, but also to determine the state of his health. To such conclusion the American scientists. Professor of anesthesiology Inna Belfer University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, believes that the eye color can tell you about pain tolerance in humans. Watching the process of childbirth, she concluded that women with light eyes easily tolerated pain than brown-eyed, and everything else was less irritable. Scientists believe that this is due to 13 variations of genes, one of which is responsible for the pain, and all the rest – for other functions of body. Doctors also believe that eye color can tell us about the health of the people. For example, people with green and hazel eyes are more disposed to diseases of the nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract, and blue-eyed – rheumatism, stomach ulcers, asthma and arthritis. It is also believed that people with light eyes a stronger immune system. According to experts, natural eye colors are brown and blue. Other colors can indicate that the body accumulates toxins, for example, when Smoking or improper nutrition. Change the color of eyes can be an indicator of various diseases:
  • yellowish color around the pupil — intoxicated liver, gall bladder or bowel;
  • bright dots or spots on the iris — the presence of arthritis, asthma or rheumatism;
  • darkening of the disease of the nervous or digestive system;
  • dimming iris — frequent experiences, stress.

Source: estet-portal.com


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