Blankets and pillows can cause acne and allergies

Dr. Robert Oxman, Director of the sleep Institute in Mebane, North Carolina, in his report noted that to prevent the development of acne and allergies, people should regularly change not only the linens, but the comforters and pillows.The scientist explained that health problems humans cause bed mites, sweat, and the amount of dirt that accumulates on the pillow. To avoid this, Dr. Oxman recommends that you change the pillow every six months.
The results of a study by British scientists, published in March this year showed that millions of Britons are at risk because they don't change their pillows and blankets as often as I should. The poll of 2,200 men and women showed that 82% do not even know how often to change your pillow and blanket. According to the sleep Council of great Britain, the pillows should be changed every two years and duvets should be updated every five years. However, according to statistics, the average Briton uses his pillow for 3 years, and duvet – for 7 years. Use pillows and blankets for long periods of time can lead to problems with the spine, neck, skin. Doctors recommend not to save on bedding and update them at least once a year. How to choose the right pillow



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