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"Brakes" occurred among all.
 But the most prominent of whom subsequently a legend, was a quiet, inconspicuous and puny boy from the Orel region Andrew rushed. Perhaps he had in quarantine all the harder.
 Five hours per day individual combatant lessons from anyone able to make the idiot with tin eyes, clearly and bluntly, on the same reflexes performing receive commands.
 But not Andryusha Toropova. With reference to it saying about the hare, which can be taught to smoke, to unravel.
 For the concepts of "left", "right" in his head was not in place. The text of the oath on the words "join the ranks of" the amount of memory to learn it is not allowed.
 Sergeants worked with him tested, it would seem, Yezhov, Beria method - conveyor, replacing each other every hour. Captain Shcheglov ordered in any way to prepare a fighter to the oath.
 Tooth Andryusha felt pen painted on the hands of the letter "L" and "P". A sort of "hay-straw" with a modern twist. If a team, for example, "Nala-in! "I assumed that the soldier looks at his hands, will see which of them are the letter" L "corresponding to the concept of" left "and turn in the desired direction.
 Andrew also grimly looked at his hands and hunted moved his lips. Then he turned around.
 The novel is already on the second day refused to beat him, referring to the futility of the method and the resulting hand injury.
 The last gave even a block, as a sergeant Rytsk.
 Catching once Andrei and turns in place of Lenin's room (outside of heavy rain), Rytsk said that he had turned gray in the ass hair, spat on the floor and have the comfort in the hearts dropped, pointing to a huge plaster bust of Lenin in the corner :
 - If you hurry, this asshole, come and knock his head on the Bald!
 Maybe poumneesh just a little after that.
 And, going to slam the door, he turned around in horror.
 Checa marched ordinary Toropov came to plaster the head of the leader, leaned back a little ...
 Two of the forehead - a world leader and Orlowski boy, joined.
 The blow was so strong that the leader broke into two halves, each of which then crashed to the floor into smaller parts.
 Rytsk scared then in earnest.
 Deputy political commissar of the regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Alekseev, long sought out the background of the anti-Soviet act soldier. Conducted intimate conversations with him. Treated with tea. Then he cried, and even raised his hand.
 Andrew blinked. He promised that would not happen again.
 Most political officer had bad words uttered not against him, but the doctors draft board.
 At the shooting range, knowing Andrei's success in studying materiel, people waiting for the spectacle.
 Andrew did not disappoint.
 Automatic charged him personally Head landfill, saying that until he retired a year, so "well, its uy! ".
 Fighters under white ruchenki laid on the position and cautiously served weapons.
 On both sides of him hung Goldfinches and Zeiss. Helped cope with the fuse.
 Tah! Tah! Tah!
 Three single Toropov had shot successfully zapulit them somewhere towards puleulavlivayuschih hills.
 The kid even smiled happily.
 The next exercise - firing bursts of three rounds. A total of nine remained in the store. Three of three. It's simple.
 Then Goldfinches and Zeiss has long argued until they were hoarse, one of them missed.
 Andrew decided not to waste. He has released one long. All nine.
 And when shooting he managed to screw up the butt to the ear, and the trunk, respectively, almost to rest in the ground.
 The earth heaved dust before him.
 The people dumbfounded.
 Fall guessed only Head landfill. The others then fall, but when it was over.
 Miraculously rebounding not hurt anyone.
 Shrilly so hysterically laughed.
 Restrained by Aryan Zeiss dragged Andryusha Captain Shcheglov.
 He opened his terrible toothy mouth and shouted different words. The word "ui" sounded very often.
 Where else but in the army, because of ordinary Andryusha Toropov I realized the true meaning of the verb "to be struck dumb?"
 When the oath Andryusha came to his father, a perfectly normal way, man, I came running to him almost all of the command. The main question asked has heard about the new slave unit commander - Colonel Paul. What are we fucking do now. "We did podlyanku you, dear father, great", - added the Nutcracker.
 Andryushin father sighed and spoke apologetically:
 - I'm with him 18 years suffered. Now you pomuchtes two years. And I have the right to rest.
 And I left.
 © Vadim Chekunov


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