8 errors of car owners, who are killing machine

Cars, as we know, not a luxury but a means of transportation. But ask any motorist, and he will tell you about his love for the "iron friend". What we just did not do to embellish your pet: buy covers for the interior, wipe the glass panels with special napkins, regularly visit car service and car wash ... However, ignorance of the elementary rules of operation can negate all our efforts. Drivers often make stupid mistakes that lead to a reduction in the term of operation of cars.

Bspcn portal describes the most common ones.

You definitely "will ruin" your car if:

1. without parking the handbrake

Yes, this small lever under the right arm, which you never use, in fact, a very useful thing. Parking on a small slope or on a flat road without a "parking brake", you transfer the entire load on the transmission. A device inside the transmission, which holds the vehicle in balance is called the "focus lock gear transmission" - it is the most susceptible to wear. If you start to use the handbrake when parking, you remove the load from the transmission and add many years of life to your car. Just do not forget to remove the car from the "hammer" before re-start on a journey.

2. Off the slides on the brakes

Going down a hill, and I want to release the brakes and enjoy a quick ride. However, many drivers prefer the cautious crawl down a hill, constantly pressing on the brake pedal. These actions lead to rapid wear of the bearings. During descent, alternately press and release the brake to avoid overheating of the brake pads.

3. Do not change the oil

Complete replacement of engine oil should be implemented at least after every 5 th. Km. The more often you change the oil, the longer you serve your car.

4. wash the engine under pressure

It is quite understandable desire to wash the dirty engine with large amounts of soapy water under pressure can damage your car. Agree that it is stained, but the working engine is much better than pure, but inoperative. The engine of the modern car - a complex mechanism, separate fragile parts of which can easily damage the power shower. Instead of washing under severe pressure of the water to conduct regular cleaning of the engine using napkins, rags and other cleaning products.

5. Wrong plant

Get in the car and the first thing include climate control, seat heater, radio, and only then begin to start the car? Wrong! By these actions, you are putting the car engine wear. If the first start the engine, and then turn on other devices, engine wear will be much smaller. Another common misconception drivers: warming up the machine in winter supposedly helps the engine to work properly at low temperatures. This statement is completely untrue. Despite the fact that the actual engine temperature actually rises, a sharp jump in temperature and the lack of oil in the system at the moment when the driver begins to "step on the gas", standing on the ground, resulting in rapid wear of the engine.

6. Ignore the sounds

Remember once and for all: any strange, unfamiliar, strange sound, which publishes the car definitely deserves your closest attention. Creaking brake signal that it is time to change the pads, grinding metal warns of the need to replace the brake disc, and ignore all these sounds could cause an accident and it is good if it affected only the car.

7. not to remove the cabin

The rhythm of life causes us to eat on the go, and in the case of motorists - right in the car. Doev regular baguette with cheese, do not rush to throw the leftovers in a bag and leave in the cabin, even if you are late for an important meeting. Take a few minutes and told to the nearest trash bins, otherwise you run the risk once and spoil the atmosphere in your own cabin. And no air fresheners will not be able to help you. In general, remember: in the car need to be cleaned. Shake ashtrays, vacuuming rugs, throw out the trash, clean the upholstery. The only way to deal with unpleasant odors - do not give them the opportunity to appear.

8. driving around with an empty gas tank

In a statement, that in no event it is impossible to bring the level of gasoline in the tank to zero, there is a lot of truth: gasoline sediment from the bottom of the tank can get into the engine and clog the fuel injector. An alternative view: the fuel injector is not clogged, but does direct damage to the fuel pump, the cooling which occurs due to the fuel supply. Interesting fact: the majority of modern cars have enough fuel for another 100 km after the fuel gauge needle stops at zero. Automakers call this extra amount of gasoline "buffer zone" of the car. The American-made cars "buffer zone" - the biggest in the world, drivers need a "backlash" in order to get to the nearest gas station, which can be located quite far away. German drivers on the other hand, want to know the level of gasoline in his car with a precision almost to milliliters, so the "buffer zone" of the German car industry is very small.

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