Hydraulic power station for charging smartphones and tablets

Authorities of the capital of South Korea Seoul made a gift to the city – set on the banks of the city of Cheonggyecheon stream that runs right through the center of the metropolis, power plant for charging smartphones and tablets.

Previously, the Cheonggyecheon (Cheonggyecheon) was a natural river, passing through the territory of Seoul. However, the active economic development of South Korea started after the Korean war, led to the mass development of the capital. Cheonggyecheon had to cover the highway.

In 2003 began a large-scale project to restore the river in the form of an artificial stream, and in 2005 it was completed. It's 11 km long Cheonggyecheon has become a magnet for business activity and is popular among locals and tourists.

The Creek has increased the attractiveness of the city and improve its environmental conditions, but now the Seoul city government found him another useful application is to satisfy the energy-hungry electronic gadgets.

This was achieved by establishing on the banks of the stream three compact hydro power plants public facilities that you can use as a charger.

Each generator delivers power to 15-20 Watts. To fully charge it iPhone, it will require two hours, and if you connect to hydro the tablet, it charged in 3-5 hours.

This solution seems quite reasonable in light of the fact that Seoul is often called the "internetizirovannyh" (wired) cities where 70% of the 50 million residents have smartphones – it's the highest rate in the world.

At the moment, hydropower station put into operation in the form of an experiment, but if all goes well, the administration of Seoul plans to increase the number of such generators.


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