Birth control injections for men soon

Ninety four million seven hundred thirteen thousand seven hundred forty six

Doctors are developing a special gel, which is injected by injection in the VAS deferens as a contraceptive.

Tests of the new injection for birth control show promising results. The developers hope that the new drug will be cheap and durable, and the effect of it is reversible. Vasalgel is a polymer hydrogel that is injected into the VAS deferens, the tube through which semen passes on the way to the penis. The gel blocks the sperm, thus preventing pregnancy. As said the representatives of the Parsemus Foundation, the procedure has the same effect as a vasectomy, but is less invasive because it does not require surgery on the ducts.

At the moment the drug is tested on baboons. Each of them introduced the injection of gel-contraceptive and left to live with several females. None of them became pregnant within six months. In human clinical trials will begin next year. The representative of the Parsemus Foundation said: "We want to get Vasalgel came to the market as soon as possible, but adequate testing of efficacy and safety must be completed. If all goes well, we hope to see Vasalgel on the market in 2016-2017".



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