Fanatical love of order — what is behind it

They impose order wherever I go, no matter how appropriate. This habit speaks to the compulsive human craving for the perfect, which prevents to feel comfortable if suddenly someone put a glass in the level with the others. If You constantly pluck everywhere labels (packs of shampoos, jars, bottles) – it also demonstrates Your perfectionism. Clean and smooth the surface looks more perfect. Obsession with the theme of order in psychology is called “accentuation” and even has a Freudian explanation. People who as children were potty-trained, resorting to the hard command, the whole life can not tolerate the slightest violation of the order, tinder, clean and put everything on the Ticker. It is a feature of nature and not the disease. However, you should take this into account and not repeat the mistakes of their parents in the education of their children. And to realize that the world is not perfect, and that's fine. The more You want to keep something perfect, the more often Your ideal would be violated — there is no absolute. And the obsessive desire, the greater injury You will be a violation of perfection.




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