5 mistakes you make buying olive oil

Olive oil has long had a special status. It is still used in the religious rites and even serves as one of the symbols of the Olympics.

Useful minerals of good olive oil have a beneficial effect on human health, in particular contribute to the strengthening of the cardiovascular system, improve digestion and paulaustraliateamtv the development of cancer. Gourmets from all over the world envy the inhabitants of the Mediterranean countries, often using fresh olive oil when cooking.

And here you decided to fork out and buy olive oil of high grade (EVOO or VOO). But improper storage or use can destroy the healing properties and excellent taste qualities of this remarkable product. Let's learn how to do with olive oil.

Oxygen and sunlight is the worst enemy of olive oil of the highest class. Do not buy olive oil in plastic or clear glass container. After the air and light touches the oil, it will start to progorkaet. To preserve the excellent qualities of olive oil, select glass, dark green or dark brown.

The thermal impact stoves, or direct sunlight may cause degradation of polyphenols and impair the flavor of the oil. Store it in the pantry, not on a window sill or near the hearth, as does a large number of hostesses.

Not necessary to draw Parallels between the color of oil and its quality. This error is typical of the consumer. The color only indicates when collecting the fruit of the olive tree and squeezed them. Color may vary from bright green to soft Golden yellow. Don't judge the poor quality of the oil just by the fact that its color is different from your expectations.

High temperature cooking destroys beneficial antioxidants and oil affects the taste of the dish. The olive oil for any cooking method, involving the temperature rise more than 180 °C. In General, try to add oil to ready meals or salads, not pouring it into the pan for frying food.

Estheticians, as well as the ancient beauties, use olive oil as a cleanser for body skin. Nutritionists recommend moderate consumption of olive oil to all the people who care about their health. But anti-aging and body cleansing properties inherent only to the oil that did not have time to dust on your shelf. You should not store olive oil than usual shelf life is 12 months. Otherwise, you risk to stumble on an unpleasant bitter taste and the health benefits and even it will not go.


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