15 depressing facts about our dependence on smartphones

We all know that our obsession with iPhones in the future can become a big problem. 56% of Americans have smartphones. And almost all entirely dependent on them. 15 facts that might make you think and to restrict the use of the smartphone.

1. 9% of Americans use phones during sex.

2. 12% of Americans use their phones in the shower, 19% do so on a cemetery.

3. Nomophobia — the fear to remain without a smartphone for some time was officially considered a disease in the UK in 2008.

4. A study conducted at Indiana University showed that 89% of high school graduates in the United States periodically experiences the effect, if they have a vibrating phone in your pocket, although in fact nobody is calling. This, incidentally, may be a sign of incipient mental disorder.

5. 80% of 18-24 year old Americans before bed put the phone right next to him.

6. Psychologist David Sheffield and Stafforshire University conducted a study in the UK and proved that 7% of local residents have lost their jobs or stable family relationships because of their smartphones.

7. Of the 7 billion inhabitants of planet Earth from 6 billion have mobile phones. According to the UN, only 4.5 billion people on the planet can use the normal toilet. There are more people who have a mobile phone than people who have access to clean water.

8. Every fifth student from South Korea is experiencing anxiety and inability to sleep if his phone is not near. Local government has already allocated money for the fight against smartpassiveincome.

The fact that the locals because of his addiction to smartphones lose social skills. Youth are not so good at detecting facial expressions and intonations of their parents. Emoji has replaced our real emotions.

9. 21% of accidents involving 15-19-year-olds in the United States, happened for the reason that the young driver looked at the phone, and not on the road. If you are sending messages behind the wheel, your odds of dying in a car grows to 23 times.

10. Parents who regularly use their smartphone at home, more screaming children than those who don't.

11. The average smartphone user checks it 110 times a day. There are users who manage the day to check it out up to 900 times. This leads not only to waste a huge amount of time, but the emergence of anxiety-compulsive disorder.

12. The surface of the mobile phone is 18 times dirtier than the seat of a public toilet. Smartphones are even dirtier than money.

13. Phones are bad for us. Every 100 hours spent in conversation on a cell phone increase the chances of the user getting cancer by 5%. In fact, talking on the phone in the same way harmful as Smoking.

14. 40% of people dream in order not to brush your teeth twice a day and more time to devote to your smartphone.

15. Application appeared to get rid of smartphone addiction. They set a limit on the time spent with the gadget.


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