Pets as a release from loneliness

Oddly enough, but today, in our active and hectic age, people increasingly feel lonely. And to feel alone is not necessarily living alone.

Today many family relationships are formed according to the principle: I came, I exchanged a few words, ate, went to their rooms.

Young people are more immersed in a virtual reality, looking for friends on the Internet and it is not able to communicate "live".

Middle-aged people, "soderjanie" work, at home, if possible, to retire to rest. Talk to them, usually with no one wants.

In such situations, the most lonely feeling of small children and the elderly. It is not surprising that they are increasingly willing to have some "living creatures", be it cat, dog, hamster or monkey.

Especially sad lonely old men who irritate their questions and arguments, and then be useless grown children and grandchildren who see the presence in the family and grandparents as a burden. And, of course, a special group of people who, because of certain circumstances, live alone.

Of course, it would be wrong to say that only where someone feels alone, there is a four-legged friend: there are a number of large and friendly family where the animals have become good friends and new family members. But not talking about them.

So save a pet from loneliness? Perhaps, Yes, if the decision is deliberate, and anyone who decides to see his "companion" dog, ready to take care of him "day and night".

For many people the feeling that they need someone, even a cat or dog, gives impetus to life. And they are deprived of the care and attention of people, joy for them is pretty purring pet cat or the friendly waving tail of a loyal dog.

The opportunity to talk, to talk about their troubles and problems to someone who can't respond, but can be silent and listen, for many, provides the ability to remove nervous tension, to feel not so alone.

Cat owners, especially if they do not have acquaintances and friends, don't feel left out and lonely, because I know that the house expects them affectionate animal.

With regard to dog owners, they have the opportunity, walking your pet, to communicate with such lovers of four-legged friends, allowing them to widen their social circles based on shared interest in the dog.

Animals tend to be grateful and loving friends, and will respond with love and devotion on your concern.




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