How to remove stretch marks on the skin

Many of the women have stretch marks on the body, especially after child birth. There are various methods to deal with them. In medicine, stretch marks are called striae. Stretch marks ruin her appearance. From their presence on the skin no discomfort and pain, and other unpleasant sensations. The main damage of striae, this ugly appearance of the skin, and women beauty needs to be perfect.

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Removal of stretch marks requires patience and special procedures. Causes of stretch marks, it is considered a hormonal imbalance of the body, a set or rapid weight loss, pregnancy, active playing various sports and regular breast-feeding. In addition, stretching can occur hereditary content – failure of elastic fibers in the skin.

Modern cosmetology has a lot of methods of struggle with streami.

Removal of stretch marks produce in the salon and at home. Each of the women seeking to remove stretch marks at home than to go to the beautician.

At home, stretch mark removal produce a three-stage system:

1. The use of a scrub, regular massage of problem areas

When the rubbing occurs cell renewal of the top layer of the skin instead of peeled off. The skin surface becomes smoother and improves its color. Remove the upper cell layer contributes to the running of the process of active production of collagen and elastin. Such effects on the skin, it experiences stress and mobilized the work of biologically active substances. For rapid skin renewal, you need to scrub deeply penetrated into the skin. To prepare a scrub can at home using ground coffee, sugar, salt. These ingredients are the basis of a scrub, then add sour cream and various vegetable oils. In the scrub it is advisable to put essential oils when making showering.

2. Healing rubbing

For quick recovery of the skin healing use a rubbing. For the preparation of such medicinal mixtures using 10 drops of lemon juice, rosemary, lavender, Jasmine juice and orange oil with the addition of one hundred milliliters of oil jojoba. All components should be thoroughly mixed, and closing the lid, leave for 24 hours in a dark place. This composition is rubbed into the skin during massage or after applying the scrub. To remove stretch marks at home always takes a lot of time, so you need regularly, very carefully and always with the exact sequence to carry out the necessary procedures. If You wish to reduce the time for removal of stretch marks, then You need to connect massage. When you use massage oils that are rich in vitamin E. When using this component, the skin becomes supple and elastic. The most common oils are the following oils: orange, almond, rosemary. During the massage movement of the hands should be delicate, very careful to avoid stretching of the skin.

3. Mesotherapy

What is it? It is the microinjection of the special cocktails that are injected under the skin. Their composition is selected individually. The cocktail consists of three main components: amino acids, collagen, and plant extracts. Additionally vitamin — C, vitamin — b, and enzymes. Mesotherapy is used after peeling or peeling up. An independent procedure, mesotherapy is not. Such procedures will take 5 to 15 pieces. They're held once a decade. The number of treatments depends on age and the presence of stretch marks. This procedure can be used during gallstones. Pure and fresh stretch marks are removed with a seaweed body wraps. Wonderful effect you get from body wraps with the use of spirulina. This algae is applied to the body, transforming them into mush. After that, the patient is wrapped in a thermal blanket for 30-60 minutes to ensure that the active substance is much faster absorbed into the skin. Such procedures will require 6 to 12 pieces. Improving Your skin tone and the disappearance of her fresh stretch marks will allow You to judge the results of body wraps.

The most effective and radical way of dealing with stretch marks is surgery, with the name – abdominal plastic surgery. A hand surgeon is just removing areas of stretched skin along with it streami. But any operation can have complications, and abdominal plastic surgery. For example: the formation of scars and suppuration.

The choice is yours.



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