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Photo: victorprofessor

This Kostroma region. Inactive television tower height of 350 meters.
It was built in the 90s, to provide assurance television reception in almost the entire region. Tower on six banners, boiler room, substation, building for equipment and personnel were put under the key. But as usual in our country everything first break, and then restore it happened to this tower. A couple of years ago she claimed, even illumination and signaling cable.

Standing at the bottom can hardly imagine what it is - 350 meters. A 80-meter tower at the Resurrection looks at the background of this simple toy. When we began the ascent was very high clouds. It was evident only two closest to the land stretching (stretching roughly each - 50 meters) ...

Prior to the first stretch to climb easily. Ladder dry, practically no wind. After rising slightly above the second stretch (pictured) starts quite a strong wind.

At the level of the third stretching stage, and the temperature drops a little bit covered with ice. Down still seen quite well. Particularly attentive will notice two people.

In the fourth area stretching through the tower begin passing clouds. Somewhere down the flies away from the lens cover. Steps are completely covered with ice.

There is fatigue, frosted hand and interfere with the camera backpack. Lift speed is greatly reduced.

At the level of the fifth stretching almost all covered with a thick layer of the frozen snow. We have to be careful. Earth through the clouds no longer be seen.

Every next flight seems like an eternity. Hardly seen near extension, which is the only reference point in these clouds. And finally I get to the last, the sixth stretch. You know, that's down to 300 meters. A top is a metal pipe has a height of 15 meters and an internal staircase. Inside the middle of the pitch darkness and the transition from one to the other ladder with missing rung. Suffering klaustofobiey do not belong here.

Vertex. Strong wind. Zero visibility.

Very cold.

The feeling that you are in another dimension.

You can look out and look down on the main floor. Hardly possible to distinguish cables sixth stretch.
When went back to the central site, low clouds started to leave.

It's time to look down. Scary, huh? If skydive you will have exactly 7 seconds of free flight.

On both sides look not so interesting. Standard view from the airplane during landing :)

It is better to see once again down (original).

And now with the comments. Two passenger car, a man and a cable attachment point six streamers. Particularly attentive to easily find another person.

Large field. Particularly curious can calculate the area of ​​a field using the data about the average height of the forest.

Directly overhead passing clouds.

Again, look down, and we will go down.
The rise of the tower took about two hours to descend gone one o'clock.

Now all the tower is visible from the bottom completely.

Just step aside and compare the height of the tower to the known high-rise buildings.


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